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Groovefit is the perfect marriage between dance and fitness!

We have been delivering more than your average dance studio or gym class since 2006. Our classes are rooted in strong technique with a deep appreciation for the culture of dance and respect for exercise physiology. Belly Dance, West African, Samba, Salsa and Zumba classes are made accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels, and dance backgrounds with an approach that ensures safety in movement while maintaining the integrity of the dance form.

Groovefit instructors teach while dancing, allowing the class participants to achieve and sustain their fitness goals and learn technique at the same time. We strive to give our participants as much information about the dance forms as possible by using dance vocabulary and drilling the fundamentals in a fun way.

Groovefit classes are taught in both private and group settings, in dance studios and public schools. The Groovefit technique has even been implemented in some New York City hospitals as a way to prevent and combat Type II Diabetes!


Groovefit – Dance for the sweat of it!