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Jannelle Cortes

174Jannelle Cortes, is passionate about the power of dance. She is a multi-talented choreographer, instructor, and performer with expertise in a range of dance forms including ballet, belly dance, hip-hop, jazz, Latin jazz, salsa, and samba. She created the children’s dance troupe Mosaic to foster cultural awareness and unity through dance performances in New York. Jannelle choreographs and performs for a wide range of cultural, corporate and commemorative events — from weddings and parades to summer festivals.
Mosaic Dance Group
Mosaic, under the artistic direction of Jannelle Cortes, captures audiences with a unique blend of Caribbean, Egyptian, Moroccan and other African dance forms. The troupe’s signature cabaret style synthesizes dance traditions with modern sound, offering an eclectic flare of artistic expression. The troupe consists of members ages 6-15, all of which are classically trained dancers. The young artists are well-versed in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Belly dance, and various Latin techniques.

The troupe made their debut in the summer of 2005 at the Parkchester summer festival in New York and have been dazzling audiences ever since.

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