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Jannelle Cortes, Artistic Director

Belly Dance


Jannelle Cortes
Artistic Director & GrooveFit Founder
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The origin of this ancient art form is as mystical as the dance itself. It is believed by many that this art form started as an ancient ritual dance for fertility and childbirth. Many countries in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean have their own interpretation of the dance: Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon, just to name a few. Egyptian and Turkish are the more popular styles in the United States.

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“Gimme the beat ’cause I fiendin’, my God I must be dreamin’…, “gimme the music brinca y salta: reggae, hip-hop, salsa. We’re gonna party baby, with that Bacardi baby! oooowooooo!”
– Huey Dunbar

Huey Dunbar from DLG said it best with that song! This class is a Dance/fitness party! We will dance, sweat, and possibly do some inappropriate booty shaking all while toning and building some serious endurance. Only difference between that song and my class is that there is no alcohol here – sorry guys! Safety first!

Zumba is Dance Aerobics – latin based, but each instructor has the license to use whatever
international rhythms they are comfortable teaching.

In my class you we will hear everything from Top 40 – Samba – Belly Dance – Reggaeton – Cha Cha.
Nothing is off limits here. See you in class!